Charlie Brennan – Thursday, February 2nd

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Charlie Brennan & Debbie Monterrey
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Presidential Hopeful Rick Santorum says “it’s callousness” on Mitt Romney’s part when Romney said he’s not concerned about the very poor. Charlie talks with GOP Presidential Hopeful Rick Santorum.

Indiana is the first state to rescind right-to-work. Is Missouri next? Charlie talks with Bob Soutier, Pres., STL Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

Doug Schukar, President and CEO of USA Mortgage, talks about President Obama’s plan to help people who are “under water” (who owe more on their home than the home is now worth) with their home mortgages.

Should sugar be controlled like alcohol and tobacco to protect public health? Charlie talks with Dr. Claire Brindis of Univ. of Cal.-San Francisco about her study that says “yes”.

Should sugar be controlled? NY Times Food Columnist and author of “How to Cook Everything” Mark Bittman gives us his take.
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