Attorney’s Advice on Whether to Pay Red Light Camera Fines

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Do what you want,  if you get a ticket because of a red light camera, says Attorney Russell Waters, but he added if he were giving advice to a family member he’d tell them not to pay the fine.  Waters is the one who took St. Louis’ ordinance to the trial court, which declared it unconstitutional.

“They (the city) are very vague on what they will do if you don’t pay.  They don’t come out and say ‘this is what will happen’ because they’ve already testified they don’t have any procedures if they’re not paid”  said Waters.

In fact, he says, cases are dropped after several threatening letters from the red light camera company in Texas.

On Tuesday City Counselor Patti Hageman issued a statement saying the ruling has no impact on the red light camera program and that the city has been waiting for a judgement so it could appeal.

“We believe Missouri law is clear that Missouri cities including St. Louis have the right to enact red light safety ordinances such as this one, and we look forward to bringing this case to the appellate courts.  We note also that a similar ordinance was upheld recently by the Missouri Supreme Court in Creve Coeur verses Nottebok.”  wrote City Counselor Patti Hageman.

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  • James C. Walker

    Don’t pay the scam fines AND call your state legislators to demand that speed and red light cameras be banned statewide. Ticket cameras ONLY produce much revenue when the posted limits are deliberately set too low and the yellow light intervals are deliberately set too short. Both engineering “errors” are malicious and reduce safety. Banning ticket cameras is the only practical way to end the scams. James C. Walker, National Motorists Association,, Ann Arbor, MI

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