“Invisible Hand” A Revealing, Perilous Story

Harry Hamm

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When a bank executive is kidnapped in Karachi, Pakistan, the ransom being demanded is $5 million dollars. “The Invisible Hand” reveals a brand of terrorist high finance that gets that done, and in the process showcases  the perspectives of the United States and the international culture of terrorism through the prism of mutual advantage amidst extreme violence.

hand 2 Invisible Hand A Revealing, Perilous Story

“The Invisible Hand” is done in one-act. The fast-moving work is concise, but doesn’t slight the danger in the story as well as the unlikely affinities. John Hickok plays Nick, the talented financial expert who happened to be in the right car at the wrong time. Bhavesh Patel commands the evening as Bashir, Nick’s primary keeper who is in charge of working with Nick to get the ransom and keeping him from escaping. Nick and Bashir have an unusual relationship that swings between captive & kidnapper to almost a brotherly framework. I enjoyed how “The Invisible Hand” gives the audience a very personal look at both sides of this international equation, and how money really does make the world go ’round no matter what your core beliefs are.

hand 1 Invisible Hand A Revealing, Perilous Story

“The Invisible Hand” is part of The Rep’s new Ignite Program that introduces audiences to new works in various stages of development.

hand 4 Invisible Hand A Revealing, Perilous Story

This is a perfect offering for The Studio Theater. Tense, personal, unpredictable and highly dramatic. “The Invisible Hand” will run at The Studio Theater through March 25th.


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