Occupy Movement Looks To Regroup Early Due To Unseasonably Warm Weather

ST. LOUIS (CBS St. Louis) — The Occupy movement is looking to bloom early this year from hibernation thanks to unseasonably warm weather across much of the U.S.

“The warmer weather brings out larger chunks of the population who are not able to participate in the colder months,” Chuck Witthaus, an organizer with Occupy the Midwest, told CBS St. Louis. “It’s definitely going to help perpetuate [the Occupy movement].”

The weather is merely a coincidence for what organizers are hoping will be the true jumping-off point for Occupy’s 2012 comeback.

Occupy the Midwest, a large-scale convention intended to breathe new life into the movement, is set to take place this weekend in St. Louis. And it was not organized around the early increase in temperatures.

“There was a lull over the winter, a hibernation period where we went into an indoor planning mode for discussing tactics to use when we reemerged in the spring, as a way to strengthen occupations and bring them back together,” Witthaus said.

The weekend will include speeches from respected keynote speakers, seminars and teach-ins to spread information about how to strengthen each community’s respective occupation.

“[Occupy the Midwest] will educate everyone, and get everyone on the same playing field … and offer resources and knowledge to gain perspective and experience – [for each branch] to learn what they were doing right and wrong,” added Witthaus.

The public calendar posted on the official website of the four-day event also makes mention of marches, general assemblies and action planning events.

Rachael Perrotta, a member of the press team for Occupy Chicago and a fellow organizer for Occupy the Midwest, said that a meeting of the minds is crucial to getting everyone on the same page.

“If we’re going to take organizing to the next level, speaking with a more unified voice and taking regional and national action, we first all need to get in a room together … and meet each other,” she told CBS St. Louis.

Perrotta will be teaching a seminar to attendees about effective media and general outreach campaigns, gleaned from Occupy Chicago’s difficulties in finding physical camping grounds within city limits.

“Occupy Chicago evolved differently [as such] … so instead of pulling inward to a camp, we pushed outward into communities since we didn’t have any other organizing option,” she explained, adding that in addition to teaching others about outreach, she also hopes to learn more about how to obtain a space and manage a camp.

Added Perrotta, “We’re all coming together to share what we do best locally,” she said. “[It will] raise the skill level of the entire Midwest Occupation.”

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    • defecating warrior project

      > Neo-Conservative, useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle cl@ss.
      Which explains why the nation’s respect and admiration are with Occupy and with the Anonymous, Wikileaks and Ruckus brigades. Thank you heroes for all your fvcking service, and congrats on the Man udda Year.
      For they know, proletariat’s bad children and parasites, sic Zionist apparachik of the Fed, IMF and World Bank, will never admonish the Welfarism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A cl@ss needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement that patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, humble defecators, lest the streets flow with blood.

      • poet756

        occupy is the laughingstock of America, As someone who often interviews democrats, I can tell you, very few are willing to say they support the rapes and murders or the outright lawlessness of the Occupiers. All we are saying is give them a bath. Not one is interested in ocuppying jobs. And if the occupiers were really part of the 99%, you would be robbed raped and peed on everytime you go outdoors. Life in America will be great when you and your ilk are occupying jail cells.

    • ScottinVA

      HAHA!! VERY good!!

    • jopiper

      Bhahahahaha! best one today!

      • Giggles the Clown

        The soldiers at Valley Forge would have loved the convenience of the coming spring, to continue their silly little cause.


      • Casper

        Mr. OccupyDemocracy, please explain why you believe that we live in a democracy. Read Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution and learn the correct form of government we are all to follow.

      • OccupyDemocracy

        They should be protesting the last election cover up and coup. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history.

  • john martin


  • caligula

    *Woman Raped at Occupy New Haven: Cops
    *Police charged England Gamble, 53, of New Haven, with sexual assault.

    Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012 | Updated 1:38 PM EDT

    A member of the Occupy New Haven movement was raped in a tent at the Occupy camp late on Monday night or early Tuesday morning, police said.

    Police said a woman went to find the victim on Tuesday afternoon because she had not seen her.

    She went to the woman’s tent and called for her, but there was no answer, so she looked inside the tent and found the woman, police said.

    The victim wasn’t able to respond, police said, so the witness yelled out to other Occupiers to call police and emergency medical services.

    At some point, the victim told the witness she had been raped in a tent at the camp, police said.

    Police responded to the camp at 3:25 p.m. The victim was brought to Yale-New Haven Hospital and police charged England Gamble, 53, of New Haven, with first-degree sexual assault and first-degree unlawful restraint.

    Gamble is on the state sex offender registry for a first-degree sexual assault conviction in 1991. The registry said he was released from prison in 1996 and did not register his address.

    Gamble is due in court on Wednesday.

  • Rick

    Great, the communist movement begins anew. If they’d spend more time getting a job, they would be better off.

    • Observer of History

      Too bad the “occupiers” do not understand that once their gangs take over, all protestors will be arrested. They may not like the new regime, but will not be able to stop it. LOOK at Cuba today… Go read Generation Y (http://www.desdecuba.com/generationy/) and see how Castro’s armed thugs control all open thought. No one trusts anyone. You will be arrested or beaten and have no rights. Read the Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn and weep for your future. Read Ayn rand Atlas Shrugged — I sure hope you can read May our Heavenly Father have Mercy on the USA. Turn back to God before he turns his back on us for all the evil and sinful ways we practice today… Otherwise His protection will be removed and the economic disaster that Obama really wants for the evil whiteys in the USA will take place.

    • danthefan

      its hard to get a job when your major in college was bongo drum playing or portrait painting or word puzzles.

    • ScottinVA

      Remembering how Obama hooked himself at the hip with them early on… oh yes, PLEASE OWS… PLEASE make a huge nuisance of yourselves again! You’re an oozingly, stinkingly wonderful walking campaign commercial.

    • Dave

      Sorry, their messiah took that option off the table. Real unemployment is likely greater than 9%, so most of these types have no chance for a job.

      And O is set for 4 more years.

    • Dave

      I’m sure they would go out and get a job if there were any to get. However, NAFTA and WFTA ensured that our American companies get tax breaks for outsourcing jobs to other countries. There are people working for corporations whose sole purpose is to figure out how they can operate with less human capital.

      Another problem American companies are facing is the lack of functional critical thinking skills students are emerging high school with. This is thanks largely to the defunding of public schools while simultaneously raising standards and inventing new multiple choice tests that teachers must teach to in order to prove that students are learning mundane facts the test takers think that everyone should know.

      We need to invest more heavily in our education system and quit giving flippin tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas. All companies that operate in the U.S. should be charged an operations tax so that way no company can simply set up an address in the Cayman Islands to dodge taxes.

      • Josie

        Yes, you are correct. And when the automobile was turned out by Ford, the stage-coach makers and buggy-whip manufacturers were not sent overseas, they were all fired and put out of work, by those evil capitalists and Henry Ford.

        Although, they all went to work for Ford, and did not whine and become leftists and expect a handout or bailout. Idiot leftist.

      • jrobinson

        NAFTA? Who are you, Ross Perot?Fannie and Freddie and the Democrat congress of 2007 were a bigger problem than NAFTA ever was.

      • cmdr101`

        It would appear you have no critical thinking skills, what is your excuse. Perhaps join the work force you might better understand how economics works.

      • TiredMike

        Brilliant critical thinking, there Dave. Charging companies even more taxes will certainly encourage them to operate within the borders of the US.
        You must be a student with no tax burden of your own, or you wouldn’t dream of bringing up the subject of taxes IN THE MIDDLE OF FREAKIN’ TAX SEASON!!!
        If that’s the case, I’d appreciate it if you’d just thank me and the others in my shoes who are actually paying for people like you to protest against guys like me.

      • steve

        Defunded? Funding for public education has more than doubled over the last ten years.

      • ScottinVA

        ” This is thanks largely to the defunding of public schools ”

        Oh, we’re into comedy now, are we? Washington DC government schools are by far the highest funded in the nation, yet rank at or near dead last in student academic performance. Any answers for that?

      • Robotech

        Little turds need to take the McDonalds job instead of waiting for the Management position. Pay for your own damn education! Stop blaming other for your shortfalls…The Caymans are nice this time of year!

      • 99%ofTheProblem

        Amazing, Monster, Indeed, Craigslist seem to be full of ads for jobs. But then again if it’s not a dream job with free rainbows and hugs it’s unacceptable for us, the 99%! (of the problem that is)

      • Casper

        Moron. We need to lower taxes across the board or we will end up like Europe. My God! You are a typical ignorant lefty, aren’t you?

      • Lee

        More $$$ to the gubment edgumication program? Pffftt! Should’nt you be occupying a portable toilet somewhere?

  • Rob

    Since these people seem to have enough money to stage conventions, why don’t they actually start their own companies to put the existing evil corporations out of business?

    • jrobinson

      Because they’re socialists; they never do anything for themselves – they make other people do it for them.

      • Josie

        They have Food-Stamp representatives, passing out leaflets on how easy it is to acquire a “SNAP Card”, at all the OWS protests…just in case anyone is interested in the facts.

      • robadude32

        Jrobinson – I agree with you 100%! Well said.

  • john

    rapist unite,there is the place to go= its free

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    The weather got nice early, so their parents must be kicking them out of the basement for the summer.

    • heatherfeather

      Looks like mom is going to get her Spring Cleaning done a little early this year!

      • ScottinVA

        LOL! And some de-lousing!

  • The Delivery Guy

    [headline]: People Too Lazy to Take Care of Themselves Plan Camp Outs

  • DWilson

    Oh please please come back you Occupiers… and head on down to Charlotte NC late in the Summer… most people today have no idea about Chicago ’68….

  • jopiper

    Occupy nuts called the cops??!! Doesn’t this prove that they need society just liike the rest of us? If I was the cops, I would have said, we are too busy. Call a hippy.

  • jeff

    “There was a lull over the winter, a hibernation period where we went into an indoor planning mode for discussing tactics….

    Yeah, I’m sure that’s what they were doing.

    • Robotech

      Is that what they call living in your parents basement?

    • Kate

      They went into an indoor plumbing mode also. Now they can take a dump outside again.


    Obama and the Democrats need their support. Please send them out and let the MSM report on them every day also be sure to invite Sharpton and the rest of the Democrats to participate…be sure to put it on TV for All to see and hear.

  • Big Bear

    Fair weather fools.

  • heatherfeather

    The Bums of Summer!

  • Pure Salt

    Thank you owl/rape movement for turning our public property into your own personal slums…..

  • bandit

    Their parents will be ecstatic that they’ll be leaving the basement – but it’s still full of Dorito crumbs

  • Craigster

    The “own” people are clearly fair weather only radicals, agitators of convenience only. It is hilarious how “commitment” only extends as far as the weather forecast.

  • Joe

    Communists and criminals flock together. I’d add unions to that, but it would be redundant. Obama’s army, his supporters, his fellow anti-Americans are ready to go. Mothers, lock up your daughters if you don’t want them raped or worse.

    • Not my Kids

      Good advice. Oh, and don’t forget to not leave your trash cans out, no sense in providing them the free food and the shelter they seek.

  • Not my Kids

    They say they are going to educate us all on what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. The pure arrogance of that statement tells you everything you need to know about OWS. Dim witted children are going to impart their knowledge on to us idiot adults? We fed them, we housed them, we sacrificed for their every need. They go off to college, that we’re paying for and suddenly they know all?

    • Robotech

      Yes, their parents must be soooooo proud of them! Mostly happy they are out of the basement, but very proud of their little liberal toy soldiers…

  • http://news99.org/?p=3613 Occupy movement sets stage for regional conference in St. Louis – STLtoday.com | News99

    […] CBS Local […]

  • Just say'n

    Our society is not perfect, but having it remade, by rapists, drug dealers, thieves, and layabouts to lazy to cleanup after themselves will not make it better.
    They had to clean up most of the sites wearing Biohazard gear.

    • Socrates Jefferson

      I rather have a society of rapists, drug dealers, thieves, and layabouts, then a society of scared consumer mindless sheep, like yourself….Have a nice day.

      • steve

        You obviously have never been to a communist state and witnessed the misery.
        Grow up and read some books.

      • Robotech

        I hope you are monitoring the replies to your insane comment. I grew up being taught “personal responsibility” and “earn it and you’ll appreciate it” all the more. I don’t condone rape, but you seem to need the touchy, feely kind of training. Either you or someone dear to you needs to get drugged, robbed and then get the high HARD ONE jammed into your rear end! Take some personal pride idiot and look at the world you are trying to create. Scared consumer? Seems the conservatives are the last comsumers paying for your lame, lazy A**es, get a job and earn your way in life, nobody is going to give you a million dollars or pop your lazy bum into a management position without paying your dues!!!

      • Ward Cleaver

        You would? Seriously? You would rather your next door neighbors be rapists and thieves? Thanks but I’ll take the mindless sheep. I’d feel much better when I left for work.

      • poet756

        i would call Socrates a moron but that really wouldn’t be fair to morons. If this guy had to work for a living he would feel differently. But he has all day to write ridiculous comments because all he has to do on any given day is to look for the mailman so he can cash his welfare check before his pusher runs out. And you have to wonder what kind of morals he has since he actually enjoys hanging out with murderers and rapists. Like they say………………..”birds of a feather”………………………..

      • Casper

        ONLY an African-American usurps the name ‘Socrates’. Keep dreamin’, pal!

      • poet756

        If Socrates wants to occupy something, might I make a few suggestions. Occupy a bath. Occupy a job. You have to wonder how long people of his ilk could continue to be a cancer on society if it wasn’t for his monthly welfare check and food stamps.

      • The Bruce

        Consumer mindless sheep… Hmm… yet you typed that out on a computer, no doubt have a smartphone, both of which probably access Facebook and Twitter. You likely have high-speed internet and a premium cable/satellite package. And you call others consumer “sheep?”

        And please don’t respond with a lie stating you have none of these.

      • john


      • Not my Kids

        I’m a consumer, I’m not scared, especially of OWS nit-wits. Mindless would be the half brained, fair weathered protesters. You allowed yourselves to be sucked in by Obama and now by union thugs. Don’t forget, the union thugs will be calling on you for a form of payment in the near future. They are your new masters but you’re not smart enough to know it yet. You despise capitalists but your prez takes more money from them than anyone. You loved Steve Jobs, a capitalist billionaire just because he made a hip product that your mommies and daddies had to pay for.

      • John

        Dear “Socrates”; You must not have children to prefer rapists and drug dealers to regular Ameriricans. The consumers you detest make this country safe and worthy. I know; I lived overseas for twenty-four years and came to America because I found it by far the best. Americans care, for America and for those in need. Americans contribute far more to the world’s needy than ANY other country. Try living in a “socialist utopia” for a while before you spout this mindless drivel. You might try a chaser of hemlock, too. Socrates had the guts to.



  • walter12

    I hope they do come out of their cesspools. It will only make the working middle class vote more against the monster Obama.

  • mmercier

    Bloom.. fester is more apropos.

    Nothing worse than a reoccuring infection in the ass of society.

  • Todd P.

    Let’s PRAY that this happens. The more that these clowns protest, the worse the Democrats and Obama look! They just about GUARANTEE that Obama loses in November…………

    • Dave

      O will steal the election with the dead voting again and again. Not to mention homeless votes being bought.

      Four more years of O, whether you want it or not.

      • Yaspar

        Dems are already multiple-registering thousands in Nevada, where no ID is needed to register or vote.

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