St. Louis County NAACP Calls for Gun Violence Summit Following Shooting Death of Bel-Ridge Teen

Maria Keena

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Saint Louis County NAACP is calling for an end to gun violence following the death of a Bel-Ridge teenager.

A Saint Louis County Police officer shot and killed 15-year old Lavon Peete earlier this week after he allegedly pointed a sawed off rifle at officers. Pastor B-T Rice is not denying that allegation, but says it could have been avoided if Lavon had dropped his weapon when ordered to by police.

Peete’s family contends the teen did not have a weapon and  is asking for a federal investigation. Pastor Rice says the real question is where does a 15-year old get a sawed-off rifle. Additionally, Rice says the two young men with Lavon confirmed that he pointed the rifle at the police officer.


  • Smithjones

    Its high time that these “Knuckleheads” realize that this is what happens when you break the law and choose to be a “Knucklehead”.

  • Jim

    I bet he went to a law abiding citizen and asked him if he could buy it from them. Sounds to me like the correct person is dead

  • John

    So if this story involves a ‘sawed off rifle’, why does the liberal media use a picture of handguns with the story? Do you not know the difference?

  • Jim

    NAACP should be asking for a punk asp kid summit. If you point a gun whether it be a “sawed of rifle” ,jeez really, or a fake plastic one you will probably be shot DEAD, they will not try to just shoot you in the leg or fire a warning shot. You are shot in the center of your chest, and you will probably DIE. No more grandmas crying about how little, insert name here, was trying to be good and they were misunderstood why did you have to shoot them. Maybe if these brats were raised to respect firearms they wouldn’t abuse them, sounds alot like what is said to people after they beat their wife.

  • Urban Safety Solutions

    It’s disturbing that a teen could have a sawed off rifle or any lethal weapon in the home without the parents knowledge. Also, most people know when you point a gun or rifle at the police, the result is usually the same as what happened in this situation.

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