Overnight America: James Fox, Glen Cohen, Tjinder Singh, Drew Roy, Dave White, JoAnne Fowler, Cheffy Baby, and Jane Fonda

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Overnight America
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Jane Fonda Stopped in to talk about her new book.

Cheffy Baby dropped in to talk about the latest in Food.

People Magazine Editor JoAnne Fowler called us to fill us in on the pages of this weeks issue.

Dave White from movies.com filled us in the latest films to hit the box office.

Drew Roy called to give us a preview into this season of TNT’s Falling Skies.

Tijinder Singh reporter from scotusblog.com called in to talk about the decision on Obamacare.

Professor Glen Cohen from Harvard shared with us what the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare.

James Fox stopped in to talk about National Geographic Channels latest show “Chasing UFO”s.

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