Koster Caught Using Puppy Mills for Politics

Allison Blood

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Attorney General Chris Koster is switching up campaign tactics after using a deceiving social media ploy to get people on his mailing list.

Last week, Koster sent out messages over Twitter asking people to register their support to stop abusive “puppy mill” style breeding practices.tweet Koster Caught Using Puppy Mills for Politics

However, if you filled out the form, a return email then notified you that your name had been added to Koster’s campaign email list (click images to view messages full screen).

puppy mill Koster Caught Using Puppy Mills for Politics
koster1 Koster Caught Using Puppy Mills for Politics

Opponent Ed Martin says he’s not surprised. “This is in his play book,” Martin told KMOX. “I mean, a few weeks ago, he was cited by the state auditor for using his office, his official duties, to benefit his campaign.”

Koster wouldn’t return phone calls, but his campaign staff says they have modified his messages to stop saying petition, so it wouldn’t be misleading. His email list is sending out messages about his plans to fight puppy mills.


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