St. Louis County Police Add Officers At Theaters

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Photo: KMOX

Photo: KMOX

CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) — St. Louis County Police are responding to the Colorado theater shooting by dispatching more officers to theaters in the county.

Officer Rick Eckhart tells KMOX, “We’re going to have marked police officers, officers that aren’t in uniform, going throughout these areas and just keeping a watch.”

Eckhart there are no threats and no apparent local connection to the Aurora shootings, but police want theater goers to feel safe, “Right now we don’t really understand what happened there, but we want to calm the individuals in St. Louis and assure them it is safe here in St. Louis.”

Eckhart says if something were to happen, officers have received recent training on how to handle it, “Our officers are trained that when they get there they go in and look, because rescue and finding the shooter, the clock is ticking.”

He says in the past officers might have held the perimeter and hoped for the best, but that has changed, “We are more prepared today then we ever were.”


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