Megabus Tire Blowouts Trigger Emergency Bulletin

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Rescue workers remove some of the 64 riders of a Megabus headed to St. Louis from Chicago, after a tire blowout and the bus hit a bridge support in Litchfield, Illinois on August 2, 2012. Police say 31 people were taken to three area hospitals and three flown to Saint Louis hospitals in St. Louis. Litchfield is located along Highway 55 about 60 miles north of St. Louis. Police have reported one female person has died. (UPI/Ralph Abraham)

CHICAGO, Ill. (AP) — A federal agency has issued an emergency bulletin to motorcoach companies about weight limits on tires following investigations into the deadly Megabus accident in Illinois and other crashes involving tire blowouts.

The Chicago Tribune reported Thursday that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says fully loaded double-decker buses “may overload tires outside the suggested weight limit.”

One passenger died in the Megabus crash Aug. 2 near Litchfield in southern Illinois. State Police say a blown tire likely caused the bus to lurch out of control and hit a bridge pillar.

Another Megabus caught fire Aug. 8 after a tire blew out on an interstate near Lavonia, Ga.

Authorities say the buses in both cases were heavily loaded and running on very hot days. That can cause stress on tires.

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