Romney Addresses Akin Situation, Again

TAMPA, Fla. (KMOX/CBS) – The controversy over the U.S. Senate candidacy of Missourian Todd Akin is following Republicans as they assemble in Tampa for their national convention.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney addressed comments Akin made last week, when he used the terminology “legitimate rape.”

“I think it was a terrible statement on his part. I think it was uninformed. I think it was outrageous and offensive. I’ve asked him to get out of the race. I think I’ve distanced myself from the kind of thing he said as far as I possibly can. He was wrong,” Romney said.

On Friday, Akin held a news conference in St. Louis to say he plans on staying in the race and taking on incumbent Claire McCaskill in November.

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