Top Faculty Member Calls for Rev. Biondi to Resign

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Fr. Lawrence Biondi

Fr. Lawrence Biondi

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — A top faculty member at St. Louis University, is calling on the school’s president, The Rev Lawrence Biondi, to resign.

The call comes from the College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Council and Faculty Senate member Steve Harris.

Harris tells KMOX that Biondi is leading the University down a “destructive path” with “no input from the faculty.”

Harris says the College of Arts and Sciences feels the same way.

The Arts and Sciences council recently took a no-confidence vote against Biondi, and is asking the senate to repudiate and refuse to implement the administration’s strategic plan.

While Harris is calling for Biondi to step down he says the rest of the faculty is staying cautions.

“It’s always difficult to ask for the resignation of a president,” He says. “So that’s a lot of people are saying we’re thinking real hard about it.”

The Faculty Senate will take up the council’s motions next week.

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