Harry Hamm: Best Picture of the Year, Come “Hell Or High Water”

Harry Hamm

harry star 5stars Harry Hamm: Best Picture of the Year, Come Hell Or High Water

Even if a rugged genre of film is not your first choice, may I suggest you make an exception for “Hell or High Water.” Often I get the question “Are there any good movies to see?” Right now, there are several, but “Hell or High Water” is the best, and certainly one of the top films of 2016. It will probably be going into wider release soon, but for now you will be able to catch it at The Hi Pointe, Plaza Frontenac and selected other selected theaters.


Photo courtesy of IMDB

Ben Foster and Chris Pine play two brothers who live among the barren poverty and sweltering life styles of present-day small town West Texas. (The film was actually shot entirely in New Mexico.) Foster’s character is an ex-con with a wild streak and a hot trigger finger. Pine’s character is a tough but reserved divorced Dad who would like to get his back child support paid and be on better terms with his former wife and two sons. Additionally, the brothers’ mother has just past away. In order to make ends meet and pay for her medical care, she took out a reverse mortgage on their home and property with a local bank. It wasn’t a very good deal for the family, but it allowed their Mom to stay financially afloat, but it also made an almost certain foreclosure on the family property after her death a very good deal for the bank.

Now we have motive for what occurs next.


Photo copy of IMDB

The brothers begin a crime crusade to pull off daylight robberies of small branches of the bank in out-of-the-way towns that holds their mother’s mortgage. The goal is to pay off the house and for Pine’s character to provide financial security for ex-spouse and their kids.


Photo courtesy of IMDB

Hot on the trial of the brothers is a senior Texas Ranger about the retire, played by Jeff Bridges, and his partner Alberto played by Gil Birmingham. Trying to stay a step ahead of the brothers, they decide to camp out in a small town they feel will be the next target for a robbery, and their plan ends up being one that pays dividends.


About in the middle of the motion picture there’s a short scene at a small restaurant featuring a cantankerous old waitress, played by a little know character actress named Margaret Bowman. It’s brief but hilarious.


The final scene of “Hell or High Water” between Pine and Bridges is one of the best written scenes I’ve ever seen in a motion picture. If you’re one of those folks who don’t believe big banks are your friend, you will absolutely love this film. The movie has action, drama, great performances and is brilliantly cast. Most of all, it has a real respect for it’s characters.

I’ve already seen it twice. Make sure you see it at least once.

















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