Ferrario’s Getting Hitched: I Hate Invitations

Alex Ferrario (@FerrarioKMOX)

First off, let me preface this by explaining my understanding of wedding invitations and the purpose they serve for the big day. The importance of its look so it can hang on everyone’s refrigerator, the perfection that has to go into the manuscript on the front, and the wording on the card to make the day sound as “elegant” as possible. After saying all of this, I still think they are a huge waste of time and money. And the stress Katie and I went through for these invitations justifies my thoughts.

The one thing you should understand about Katie and I, we are procrastinators. Needless to say, when I proposed last July, it felt as if we had so much time until the wedding. Flash to two weeks ago when we realized that the wedding is in two months and none of our guests have invitations. Yikes!

We begin to rush around to about 14 different craft stores (online and in person) to pick out supplies. I assume Katie, being the bride, has had her invitations already picked out, design planned and ready to go. Wrong. We literally had to decide what color paper we wanted, how we wanted to put everything on paper, and how the return addresses were going to work. I felt like I was working a Calculus problem through this whole thing.

Once the invitation pieces were ordered, the real hard part came next – the guest list. This is the most stressful and confusing piece of wedding planning. Who do we invite and how many they can invite? Every wedding has a budget and ours was a hard number – no going over. So when we put together our first number and it was around 350 people, I pretty much panicked. So we spent the next few days narrowing down the people that were invited. This is about how the conversations went:

Who’s this?
That’s my dad’s cousin.
When was the last time we saw them? haven’t, I saw them last when I was 12 or 13.
Not Invited
No they’re coming.

That seemed to be the same conversation for around 150 people. That’s the part that I have never understood, if I haven’t seen this person in more than 5 years, why would they be invited? But, the bride wins on those decisions. List completed – Check.

We finally kick things off for a long night ahead of putting together invitations. Let me just say your family members will be your best friends through this process. If not for my mom and sister and Katie’s family, we would have just eloped because nobody would have been invited. We had like a 5-man unit cutting, sticking, sealing, and writing. (Thank God my sister has AMAZING hand writing and is weird in the sense of loving to write letters). So we finally get everything done around 12:30 a.m. and are feeling pretty accomplished. Invitations hitting the mail tomorrow felt like a success. Wrong again!

I get a phone call the next day from Katie saying the invitations smeared with the ink and the address on the front. Some didn’t look horrible, but some weren’t legible. I also found out our guest list, which was organized with guest count and addresses, had some of the wrong addresses because the Excel sheet was off. This led to a numerous amount of stress for Katie because it was more work and time that we didn’t have. We placed the illegible ones in new envelopes and went with my handwriting (sorry to those who received those), and the others we decided to send with a little smearing on them.

At this point in the wedding planning, if it’s done and to our liking, we can deal with it.

Join Alex and his fiancé, Katie, in their final weeks of wedding planning! Check back weekly for updates.


One Comment

  1. grandma1168 says:

    Invites look great! Hang in there it will be over way too fast.

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