Producer Dave’s Daddy Blog: Parenting Advice From Fifth Graders

Dave Cline, KMOX Producer (@davidtcline)

Kacie’s students wrote a book that was presented to her at the end of last school year. The book is filled with all sorts of advice for both of us on how to raise the boys. I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

Make sure your twins wear different clothes so you know who’s who. That’s better than my idea of baby tattoos. But we can pretty easily tell them apart right now.

Don’t give them too much candy. They will get hyper. Kacie worries about the same thing with me.

They’re twins. They’ll want to be unique. I couldn’t agree more. They already have unique personalities.

Give your twins toys equally. I guess I have to police this. But I am the last person who should enforce it because I was HORRIBLE at sharing. And I still am.

Don’t be strict. They’ll complain at school and embarrass you. It’s my job as a dad to embarrass my kids!

A clean household is no use when you have a miserable family. Just be the best you can be. I like this because I hate cleaning.

Get them into the habit of reading and writing every night. Kacie and I love reading to the boys. And we can’t wait to introduce our kids to Harry Potter…when the time is right, of course.

My advice is to buy a yearly supply of diapers, milk, and food. If you don’t, with twins you’ll run out of food very soon. I think he’s right. We have been going through our supply of diapers and formula at a rapid pace.

Keep your babies safe and cook them pancakes. These are some smart kids! Who doesn’t love pancakes?

You should not spoil your kids by being way too nice to them or buying them a lot of their “wants.” He makes a good point. As the Rolling Stones once said: “You can’t always get what you want.” The boys will have to learn that lesson.

Help them with their homework. I have always been a big proponent of this. My parents were always quick to help me with my academics. It didn’t matter if it was second grade or 10th, they always helped me because they wanted me to do well in school.

Do not pick favorites. My favorite kid is whichever one doesn’t spit up on me.

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Dave Cline is the producer of the Mark Reardon Show and Total Information PM on KMOX.

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