2016 KMOX Holiday Radio Show

This year’s KMOX Holiday Radio Show took place on December 12th. This year’s 20th Anniversary rendition of the play was “A Gooey Butter Christmas,” starring KMOX morning co-host Debbie Monterrey as an upstanding parish woman who meets a drifter with strange mental powers who begins to carry out all her secret negative thoughts.

Debbie’s husband, played by KMOX talk show host Charlie Brennan, is a struggling salesman so engrossed in his Civil War Re-enactment club that he goes to bed dressed like General Grant.

KMOX personalities including Tom Ackerman, Carol Daniel, Mark Reardon, and Harry Hamm, sparkle and attempt to steal each scene.

Special Musical Guest Tony Viviano will performed in the style of Tony Bennett.

Live organ music and sound effect punctuate every moment of the show.

Written and directed by KMOX’s Kevin Killeen, this show keeps them coming back every year.


Listen to the 2016 KMOX Holiday Radio Show here:


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Kevin Killeen, a KMOX news reporter, writes the script during his personal time. He incorporates each and every KMOX on-air talent into the script… show hosts, news reporters, traffic pilots, weekend hosts, and sports reporters. Each character in the story-line is written to reflect the actual personality of the KMOX person. The KMOX talent love to perform in front of the live audience wearing costumes, reading the script, and acting as best they know how. The studio audience gets to see the bloopers, hear the improvisation, and spend an evening with KMOX on-air talent whose voice they invite into their lives each and every day.

This KMOX tradition is a highly anticipated event for everyone involved.

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