Aisha & Debbie Dish: Failure, Free Time & Don't Call Her PrettyAre carefree, unstructured summers for kids a thing of the past? Kids' electronic addictions and consequences, why you shouldn't tell girls they are pretty, and the value of sleep-away camp. 
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Gaming, Addiction & FireworksWhy are men aged 21-30 working less? Which kids are most likely to abuse drugs/alcohol? And Dr. Jake AuBuchon of St. Louis Children's Hospital talks about pain management with kids.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Negativity, Dehydration & Having It AllJudy Ryan of Lifework Systems has tips on dealing with negative people; the dangers of dehydration in your kids; and can working mothers really have it all?
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Sleep, Schools & SuperheroesWe talk "Wonder Woman," sleeping babies and comparing schools with a handy new app.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Ramadan, Stress & Libraries!Ramadan, high stress levels and combating summer boredom. It's all there for you in one 20-minute podcast.
Fathers' Support Center Names 2017 Father of the YearFrom jobless and homeless to father of the year. It's been quite a journey for Gary Turner, who turned to the Fathers' Support Center when things were looking bleak.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Bullying, Body-Shaming & EmpowermentA "new" form of bullying that's tough for schools to address, a cartoon ad campaign accused of body-shaming girls, plus Gina Marten of Girls in the Know.
Debbie's Birthday Challenge: Helping Dads Through Fathers' Support Center!What I want for my birthday: to get community support for Fathers' Support Center, an organization that's making a true, positive impact on children and families.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Challenges in ParentingAisha & Debbie Dish about the challenges of single parenting, co-parenting and ending deadbeat parenting. With special guest Katy Michael.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: 13 Reasons Why & the B-day ChallengeAisha & Debbie Dish about the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why." Should your kids watch it? Should you? And Aisha unveils her birthday challenge, already successfully underway.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Digesting News & Maxine Clark!The crazy news never stops, the challenge of sorting through the "facts." May is the most miserable month for moms! Maxine Clark stops by to discuss Blueprint 4 Summer STL, St. Louis Surge and Delmar Divine.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: The Concerning & UpliftingAisha & Debbie Dish about disturbing AP report on student sexual assaults in our schools; Carol Daniel talks about turning her 55th into an uplifting record-breaker.

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