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Vietnam War, Getty Images

Vietnam War Vet Receives Air Medal After Oversight

A Kirkwood Vietnam War Veteran receives the medal he deserved because of Senator Claire McCaskill.

13 hours ago

6/1/11-Sixty St. Louis police officers have volunteered to spend a week in tornado-ravaged Joplin, and they left in a caravan of vehicles late Wednesday morning. The officers will assist in the Joplin recovery effort in several capacities, including traffic control, perimeter checkpoints, and patrolling high-impact zones to watch for looters. They even packed shields and other riot gear, though they're not anticipating trouble. They just have it on a "better to have and not need" basis. Before leaving, officers were told very bluntly that they likely are not in for a pleasant experience. "We're told there are a lot of bad smells," a sergeant informed the assembled officers, "including rotting food, dead pets...possibly even body parts". (KMOX/Brett Blume)

Ramsey: ‘Train Officers to Establish and Strengthen Communities Trust’

The SLMPD Memorial keynote address was delivered by Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey who believes to improve policing, officers should be trained to establish and strengthen in their communities.

14 hours ago

(Courtesy of Twitter/@brpkelly/KMOX)

SLMPD Holds 29th Annual Police Memorial Breakfast

The St. Louis Police Department held their 29th Annual Police Memorial Breakfast at the America’s Center on Friday.

15 hours ago

Jeff Mizanskey (Photo courtesy of

Nixon Commutes Life Sentence For Man Convicted On Marijuana-Related Charges

The long effort to free Jeff Mizanskey has paid off.

16 hours ago


Suspect Loses Shirt in Attempted Robbery

Employee rips off shirt and the towel he was using to hide his face

22 hours ago

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