Aisha & Debbie Dish: Alabama, Social Media & ClutterTalking about the Alabama Senate special election, social media and politics, an addiction that hits young people and dealing with all our holiday clutter.
Wild Carrot Takes Root In ShawA century ago, it was the Shaw Theater. In 2018, it'll see new life as Wild Carrot, a new event space in a neighborhood drawing new life.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Lauer/Keillor OUT, Silence & Holiday WeightCan you be silent and still for 6 minutes? Can you avoid gaining 6 pounds this "eating season"? And the latest men to fall in the #MeToo tsunami.
Stop Asking "How Are You?" (Unless You REALLY Want To Know!)It's a habit many of us have--asking each and every person we see, "Hi, how are you?" The greeting is fine, but the "how are you" needs to stop. Here's why.
The Case For Thanksgiving: The BEST Holiday!Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and its premise could change your life. Showing gratitude on this day, and every day, will make you a happier person. There's simply no downside to being positive.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Gratitude, 2nd Careers & Power of Positive!Gratitude, 2nd Careers & Defending Thanksgiving! With Dr. Tim Bono of Washington University discussing positive psychology, how to be happier, and what it does for your health.
Artists Who Change the WorldTalent is a wonderful thing. Sharing that talent to help the careers of others is even better. Taking that talent and compassion to better our whole community? Bravo. Meet Jessica Hentoff and Terry Barber.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Blowing up Twitter & Minding Your MannersThe election results, why Aisha's blowing up on Twitter, when that column IS about YOU, and why manners and etiquette are important!
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Sexy Costumes, Losing Things, RelaxingEnough with all women's Halloween costumes being "sexy"; anxiety of losing treasured possessions; Dr. Thomas talks alternatives to relieving anxiety!
The Darkness Is A Scream!St. Louis can brag about having one of the best haunted houses in the United States and the team bring business to St. Louis long after Halloween is over.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Post-Harvey W, Sexual Harrassment & Online SafetyCall it the Weinstein Watershed Moment--everyone is talking sexual harrassment, #MeToo, will it change anything? And keeping kids safe on social media.
Not For Glory, But Love of The Arts & St. Louis--The KranzbergsThey've invested more than $20-million in Grand Center. Their generosity has transformed our Arts District, but Ken and Nancy Kranzberg are more interested in the arts and helping St. Louis than getting attention.

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