Whole ‘nother Story

Applicants for the TV show Ninja Warriors camp out for a chance to compete

Kevin KIlleen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Ninja Warriors Seek TV Glory

Today, Kevin meets a group of people camping out for a chance to be on a TV show called Ninja Warriors…


CPA John Godfrey discusses last-minute tax filers at his office at 1804 Lafayette. St. Louis, Mo.

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Tax Man has Heard it All

Today, Kevin visits with a tax man dealing with the crush of procrastinators…


Goldenrod Showboat in its youth

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Showboat May Return

Kirkwood, Mo–(KMOX)–The boarded-up and forgotten Goldenrod Showboat, a once-grand lady of the river,  may get a new dress and fresh lipstick and one more chance at glory. Retired Kirkwood attorney Hugh McPheeters is leading a […]


Violin man Valery Parfenov advises parents on kids who don't want to practice

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Violin Man Has Advice for Parents

Today,  Kevin meets Valery Parfenov, a man who loves his violin…


Bill Politis of the Majestic restaurant slices off some hot lamb for another gyro

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — End of a Greek Restaurant

Today, Kevin catches the whiff of roasted lamb, as a famous Central West End restaurant winds down…


Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Mulch Ado About Nothing

Today, Kevin looks for ways to save money, beginning with mulch…


110511 054

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Does Mo Need a Billboard Museum?

Today, Kevin visits with a man who wants to bring back the old billboards… 


Neal Thompson runs into trouble dressing up like Jesus (Credit: Kevin Killeen, KMOX)

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Man Dressed like Jesus

Today, Kevin finds out why one man decided to walk around downtown dressed like Jesus…  


St. Patrick's Day in St. Louis

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — St. Patrick’s Day

Today, Kevin visits with a leading Irishman, Joe McGlynn, about the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day…  


tin windup toy of woman and baby

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Toys in the Basement

Today, Kevin learns the story behind the major antique toy auction coming up later this month…. That Alan Cleary auction is set for Saturday March, 22 at the Holiday Inn South County.  Preview at noon, […]



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