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Wicked Winds Predicted Overnight

National Weather Service in St. Louis sets Wind Chill Advisory for early Monday


A car drives along a snow covered road. (credit: ANDER GILLENEA/AFP/Getty Images)

Treacherous Travel Conditions In Snowy Southern Indiana

Two counties declared states of emergency Monday to keep motorists off slick roads after a winter storm dumped several inches of snow across parts of southern Indiana.



St. Louis Prepares For Winter Storm

Depending on track, parts of St. Louis area may get up to 10 inches of snow


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Anniversary of 8.0 Earthquake Along New Madrid Fault Line

Business owners are given tips to quake-proof for possible sequel.


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Cars Striking Plows an Ongoing Problem in Metro-East

Despite mild winter, five IDOT trucks have already been hit this year.


Snow removal crew in downtown St. Louis, December 14, 2013. (KMOX/Brad Choat)

Will Winter Weather Impact Wednesday Rush Hour?

It’s not the amount of snow rolling in today that has the Missouri Department of Transportation worried – it’s the timing.


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Snow Affecting Chicago Flights

More than a thousand out of O’Hare and 200 from Midway were grounded, Sunday


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National Weather Service: ‘We’ve Been Told To Go Around’ Polar Vortex Term

All of it is due to a dipping jet stream coming in from Canada, but meteorologists are avoiding calling it last year’s buzzword: a polar vortex.


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Snow Possible Across 2,000-Mile Stretch Of US

In addition to some snow and heavy rain, bitterly cold temperatures have begun moving into parts of the U.S. and will be staying put for at least part of this week.


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