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After a day of silence, protestors raised their voices again Tuesday, but not in Ferguson, Mo. Protestors with Hands Up United brought their demands to U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan in the Eagleton Federal Courthouse in downtown St. Louis.
The Missouri Teacher of the Year is Chris Holmes, a journalism teacher from Hazelwood West.
Film is an eminently enjoyable visit to the movies.
Part of the healing process for Ferguson could be to wipe the legal slate clean for non-violent offenders in the community.
While there is a new cry for more African Americans to be hired in predominantly minority communities such as Ferguson, Mo., former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch doesn't see that happening.
Members of the local transit union say they're "outraged" to learn Metro CEO John Nations is getting a $75,000 raise - while they haven't had a raise in years.
A crowd of about 100 protestors gathered outside St. Louis city hall today, calling for a civilian review board of police after what they say was an overly aggressive response to demonstrations in Ferguson.
Rex Sinquefield's group Better Together is studying a city-county tie-up.
Missouri's Food for America, the Missouri Farmers Union and the Missouri Rural Crisis Center called it a deceptive amendment.
The fresh water supply in the St. Louis region is clean and safe now, but isn't guaranteed to always stay that way.