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Worst buying experience I've ever been through. They basically stole my property caused me extra fees and lied to me through the whole buying process of my vehicle. I wouldn't recommend these people to my worst enemy. They don't even deserve one star but I cant give them a zero.
December 22, 2014

Best Car Experience Ever

Bought a car from them 2 months ago. What a great experience. Low pressure, or should I say no pressure! I love the car, love the deal I got & would recommend them highly to everyone.
September 30, 2009

Pretty Nice Experience

I was pleasantly pleased with the experience that I had at Johnny Londoff. The salesman was low pressure, nice person to shop with. Understood clearly our desires and dislikes. Made the time we spent, which was probably longer than I thought I would be there, well worth it. And I very much feel that if we go with Chevy, I'll be back to ask for my salesperson.
January 14, 2008

Owning Your Own Building and Lot Does Nothing to Guarantee Good Service...

I can use four succinct words to describe Johnny Londoff and my experience with them. WORST SALES EXPERIENCE EVER. I have bought many vehicles in my day, and this was, sadly, the worst experience I have ever had. And I have haggled for ten hours once during a car purchace. Horrible. Absolutely horrific. I have neither the patience nor the time to get into how horribly flubbed the sale of our new car was, nor how inept the sales folks were. But a few highlights: the salesperson didn't know the model or trim level of the vehicle they were selling us, and proceeded to argue with us on the point. The salesperson spent almost 45 minutes trying to setup the On-Star service our vehicle did not have, and included two other salespersons in his futile efforts. And finally, the salesperson quibbled with us on the price, saying something along the lines of 'well dropping it by $500, that's what, like 50 cents a month? But I'll see what I can do. Wahtever.'. I will say their price for the vehicle was outstanding. The absolute best around, hands down. But that savings was passed along to the buyer in sub-sub-sub-par customer service. Our experience was so astoundingly bad, we filed a report with GM. Bottom-line: If you want the best price hands-down, you might want to check Mr. Londoff out. Then take a picture of the window sticker, and go negotiate with a different dealer. Possibly one that understand customer service and customer respect. One star is one too many...
January 14, 2008
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