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One Of The Best On The Hill

Favazza's is a very reliable Italian restaurant on The Hill serving old standards made with freshest ingredients. All pasta is al dente, all red sauces made with Italian tomatoes and imported olive oil. Veal is fresh and prepared the way it is in Italy, sliced and served like how American roast beef is done. Portions are large and the average person will be challenged to finish one complete entree so think twice about ordering an appetizer or soup. If you have room, the Tiramisu is done country style in a flat pan, served brick style and is absolutely irrisistable. The wine list is stellar and features many selections by the glass if you don't want to consume an entire bottle.
November 07, 2007

My favorite Italian food in St. Louis

While it is not as romantic or upscale as Giavanni's, Dominic's, Kemoll's, etc I would have to say that Favazza's has my favorite italian food in all of St. Louis. Everytime we go there we are warmly greeted and the food is always top notch. Their wine list isn't too big but there are good ones on the list.\r \r For food, to be quite honest I could just eat their bread for a meal it is that good. Besides soak it in butter I don't know what else they do to it but I would pay lots of $$ to find out!! It is amazing. Their dinner salads are always fresh and amazing and their house dressing is incredible. Overall I am not a big salad person but I would never not get a salad at Favazza's.\r \r Favazza's for mail dishes has almost whatever you want. They have items ranging from: tons of pasta dishes, to seafood, to steaks (their sicilian steak is amazing), to veal, and on and on. If I had to recommend just one it would obviously be what I get most often and that would be the baked pasta. I get hte baked mostacholli with meatballs and it is truly spectatular and delicious.\r \r I cannot comment on dessert because of the 20+ times I have dined at Favazza's, there is not one time where I had room left for dessert (and that is a milestone because I always have room). I think it goes back to the bread and that I eat a loaf before even the salad comes.\r \r Overall HIGHLY recommended and on weekends I would recommend that reservations be made.
September 04, 2007

Huge portions and rich food. What more could you want?

The iced tea actually has flavor. One order of lasagna is large enough to feed a small Filipino village. The staff has always been very friendly and they insist on wrapping your leftovers in a spill-proof manner. Prices? You can easily spend more for less elsewhere.
December 15, 2006

All around excellent and better then the chains.

I would highly recommend Favazzas over any chain like Olive Garden and Macaroni Grill. Favazzas gives a fine dining experience with superb extremely attentive prompt service unlike the chains. The prices were the same as the chains and you get more then enough food. The food was very delicious and authentic tasting unlike the chains and could not have possibly been any better. Everything tasted very fresh like it was made right there and cooked to order. To me Olive Garden tastes like most of their items are pre-prepared and Macaroni Grill has an olive oil taste to everything. Favazzas entrees are loaded with provel cheese and house made sauces with no greasy or bad after taste. The neighborhood however is scary looking and the parking is limited. The restaurant also gets very busy around 6pm. Go early in the evening around 5pm and you wont have any problems.
June 03, 2006

Supber Italian

It seems Favazzas is often an overlooked restaurant on the Hill. It is my favorite, the best. Large variety to choose from on the menu, huge portions so you always have lunch for the next day, great bread, good service and let's not forget the toasted ravioli. Favazzas also caters for Rose of the Hill where we had our wedding reception. Its the best kept secret----when family remembers our wedding day they ALWAYS mention the food first and romantic ambience of Rose of the Hill.
July 26, 2005

Now that's service

Our lunch group at work has been to many places, but when it's my turn to pick, I always pick this place. There's something for everyone. Great steaks and wonderful atmosphere. Excellent service by folks who care.
June 08, 2004


The food is excellent, the service is great, have never hadd a bad meal here
November 30, 2002

A place worth repeat visits

All I have to say is Toasted Raviolli and I think of Favazza's a regular site for my family when visting our old hometown of St. Louis. Their food and service out runs many places that I settle on going to in Salt Lake City.
November 06, 2002

great place, good food

The service have been consistently good and attentive. They have a staff that other restaurants should model after. The restaurant is obviously a family pride and joy. The food is good, and reasonably priced. The red sauce is just great, the calamari appetizer is light and crunchy, and fresh. Garlic bread... ahhh... recommended
November 01, 2002

Excellent Italian!

Favazza's had something that ecerone in the family loved! The seafood pasta dish I had was fantastic. Great atmosphere, friendly staff and wonderful real Italian food!
August 06, 2002
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