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Charlie Brennan & Debbie Monterrey

brennan header 630x165 2 Charlie Brennan & Debbie Monterrey


Charlie Brennan – Friday, June 13th — Kevin Killeen; Bill McClellan

Charlie hosts the June 2014 KMOX/Fontbonne University/Charlie Brennan SHow book club, featuring Dan Farrell of the STL Cardinals; Jim Watry, COO of Ballpark Village; Kevin Killeen, author of “Try to Kiss a Girl”; and Bill McClellan, author of “From Bill, With Love”.



Charlie Brennan – Thursday, June 12th- Thoughts on Archbishop Robert Carlson Deposition; 10 Years of Charlie’s Book Club

Charlie gives his thoughts on Archbishop Robert Carlson’s deposition on clergy sexual abuse while in St.Paul and Minneapolis; and, after 10 years of hosting the Fontbonne Univ./Charlie Brennan Show Book Club, he reminisces about the best and worst authors.



Charlie Brennan – Friday, June 6th – John C. McManus on 70th Anniv. of D-Day; the Late Stephen Ambrose on Normandy Invasion; Randy Tankersley on STL Audio Tour

Charlie with John C. McManus on 70th anniversary of D-Day. Charlie also replays his 1997 interview with the late Historian Stephen Ambrose regarding the Normandy invasion; and with Randy Tankersley on his audio tour, “St. Louis Lost and Found”.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, June 5th – Wash U’s Dr. Jason Purnell; Mike Shannon

Charlie talks with Wash U’s Dr. Jason Purnell; with STL Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon; with Bunge North America Chef Zack Hovan; and with Brownwood Farms’ Jeff Hughes.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, June 3rd – Ill. State Rep. Bob Rita on Gambling Expansion, Fairmont Park; STL Police Major Joseph Spiess

Charlie talks with Ill. State Rep. Bob Rita about his gambling expansion bill; and with Entrepreneur and STL Police Major Joseph Spiess about Blue Line Security Solutions.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, June 2nd – Larry Swedroe

Charlie talks with Market analyst Larry Swedroe of Buckingham Asset Management.



Charlie Brennan – Thursday, May 29th – Jim McCausland on the Death of His Son and the VA Hospital System

Charlie talks with Jim McCausland, whose son, U.S. Army Capt. Thomas “Casey” McCausland, died at the age of 32, due to PTSD, about the VA medical system.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, May 28th – Ken Griffey, Sr.; Mike Shannon; and Blake Hurst, Mo. Farm Bureau

Charlie talks with MLB Star Ken Griffey, Sr.; with STL Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon; and with Blake Hurst, President of the Missouri Farm Bureau.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, May 27th- Tom Cohen, Founder of Nanopore Diagnostics

Charlie with Tom Cohen of Nanopore Diagnostics.



Charlie Brennan – Friday, May 23rd – NY Times Sports Columnist George Vecsey; Lisa Bottorff; Rob Levy

Charlie talks with NY Times Sports Columnist George Vecsey about “Eight World Cups”; with Lisa Bottorff, author of “Why My Dad? A Story of Military Deployment”; and with Rob Levy of Subterranean Books about summer reading recommendations.