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Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, August 13 – KMOX Listeners Sound-Off on the Ferguson Shooting;The Cards’ Mike Shannon; The Blues’ Tom Stillman

Charlie and Debbie let our listeners’ “sound off” on the Ferguson shooting; Charlie with STL Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon; with STL BLues Owner Tom Stillman; and Charlie talks more calls on the Ferguson shooting.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, August 12 – Darryl Strawberry, and His Wife, Tracy, on “The Imperfect Marriage”

Charlie with Baseball Great Darryl Strawberry, and his wife, Tracy, on their new book, “The Imperfect Marriage”.



Charlie Brennan – Thursday, August 7 – Yale Law Prof. Stephen Carter; Mike Sorth,Gateway Greening

Charlie talks with Yale Law Professor Stephen Carter about his newest book, “Back Channel”, which is set against the dramatic backdrop of the Cuban Missile crisis. Charlie talks with Mike Sorth, Exec. Dir. of Gateway [...]



Charlie Brennan – Friday, August 8 – Col. Jeff McCausland; Darryl & Tracy Strawberry; Missy Kelley; MarkOlesnicki, Tony Sardo, Phil Sardo

Charlie talks with Col. Jeff McCausland about U.S. airstrikes in Iraq; with Darryl and Tracy Strawberry about their new book; with Missy Kelley about next week’s Downtown Restaurant Week; and with Mark Olesnicki, Tony Sardo, and Phil Sardo about the Harmonica Convention being held in STL this weekend.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, August 6 – Patrick Buchanan; Prof. Dave Robertson; Phil Brooks; Richard Winter and Petruta Lipan; Mike Shannon

Charlie talks with former Presidential Candidate Patrick Buchanan about the Richard Nixon’s “comeback”; with Prof. Dave Robertson and Phil Brooks about yesterday’s election results; with Richard Winter and Petruta Lipan about SLU’s exhibit of Winter’s art collection; and with STL Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, August 5 – The Office’s Phyllis Smith; Colby Itkowitz; Trip Goodloe and Tolga Tanriseven

Charlie talks with St. Louis Native and “The Office” Actress Phyllis Smith, who is in St. Louis performing in The Muny production of “Grease”. St. Louis Attorney Kevin O’Malley, nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, [...]



Charlie Brennan – Monday, August 4 – John Dean, former legal counsel to President Nixon; Farrakahn Shegog; Rochelle Cook; Larry Swedroe

John Dean, Watergate, President Richard Nixon, the Nixon tapes, Farrakahn Shegog, Rochelle Cook, Aniya Cook, Mario Wallace, shootings in St. Louis, Larry Swedroe, Buckingham Asset Management, stock market, bond market



Charlie Brennan – Friday, August 1 – Ralph Graczak; Actress Lee Grant; Dan Farrell

Charlie talks with KMOX Host Ralph Graczak;with Actress Lee Grant; and with the STL Cardinals’ Dan Farrell.



Charlie Brennan – Thursday, July 31 – STL County Executive Charlie Dooley; Allan Sloan; Michael Allen

Charlie talks with Incumbent St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley, who is running for reelection; with Fortune magazine’s Allan Sloan about companies incorporating overseas to dodge taxes; and with Architectural Historian Michael Allen about the “scarring” of the outside of St. Louis’s City Hall Building.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, July 30 – Mo. State Rep. Paul Curtman; Mike Shannon; Dr. John C. Bowen

Charlie talks with Mo. State Rep. Paul Curtman about Mo. Amendments 9 and 1; with STL Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon; and with Dr. John Bowen, who was visiting St. Louis from Hamilton, NY, and was not allowed to photograph the historic Wainwright Building.



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