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Courtesy: Dave Simons

The KMOX Dollars and Sense Show with Dave Simons

On today’s show, Dave gives helpful financial advice and answers listener questions.


Mike Kelly (CBS Radio)

Sports On A Sunday Morning: Mark Reynolds, Chris Zimmerman, Derrick Goold, Kevin Demoff, Kim Anderson & Dan McLaughlin

Mark Reynolds, Derrick Goold & Dan McLaughlin on Cardinals, Chris Zimmerman on Blues, Kevin Demoff on Rams and Kim Anderson on Mizzou Basketball


St. Louis police officers and Big Brothers Big Sisters visited a local Target store for their 5th annual Shop With a Cop outing on December 13, 2014 (KMOX/Brad Choat)

TIAM Weekend: Shop With A Cop Program

St. Francis Coutny Sheriff Dan Bullock talks about the largest Shop with a Cop program in St. Francis County



TIAM Weekend: Harry Hamm

Harry reviews the new Chris Rock film, Top Five as well as the film starring Christian Bale, Exodus.



The KMOX Auto Show with Greg Damon

Host of the History Channel’s “Counting Cars”, Danny “The Count” Koker of County Customs, joins Greg to talk about his show and a variety of other topics.



Mosby Building Arts Home Improvement Show

Scott Mosby takes your calls and answers your home improvement questions in today’s Home Improvement Show.


garden-hotline NEW SPONSOR

St. Louis Composting Garden Hotline

Mike Miller takes phone calls and answers questions on this episode of St. Louis Composting Garden Hotline.


TIAM Weekend

TIAM Weekend: Gentry Trotter, Maggie Martin

Heat up St. Louis Gift of Warmth program needs your help. Founder Gentry Trotter tells us about how we can help those less fortunate than us stay warm this winter. Don’t miss the Winter Wonderland […]



The KMOX Money Show with Mike Brown

On today’s show, Mike discusses the latest news in the world of finance and answers listener questions.



Sports On A Sunday Morning: Martin Brodeur, Dick Vitale, Kevin Demoff, Mike Kelly, Grant Paulsen, Dan McLaughlin & Jon Campbell

Martin Brodeur on Blues and his first win with the team, Dick Vitale on his new book and college basketball, Kevin Demoff and Grant Paulsen on Rams and Redskins, Mike Kelly on Mizzou Football and Jon Campbell on the legalization of sports betting.



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