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Mark Reardon: A Vigil For The Deer Of Town And Country

Former Town and Country Alderman Al Gerber discusses tomorrow night’s vigil for the deer of Town and Country.


Residents listen to a Town & Country Planning & Zoning Commission hearing on July 25, 2013. (KMOX)

Town & Country Decides Against Senior Housing Plan

“People moved here because they like the single-family housing and they like the green space. Every time one of these big things goes in, it takes away from that so that’s why we have to defend it”


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Mark Reardon: The Fiscal Cliff & Deer In Town And Country

Town and Country votes on what to do about their deer population. Former alderman Al Gerber joins the show.



Town & Country Considers Culling Deer

The measure would cut the city’s deer population from 650 to 300 amid concerns over property damage and traffic accidents blamed on the animals.


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