Army Corps of Engineers

Low-level Radioactive Contamination Found Along CreekThe Army Corps of Engineers says it has found low-level radiological contamination at three sites along Coldwater Creek in St. Louis County.
Army Corps of Engineers Seeks to Soothe Coldwater Creek ConcernsThe big question asked by several: Why aren't there signs, warning children and others to steer clear of the creek?
Old Canal Bridge Coming Down SoonThe Illinois Department of Transportation is making plans for a bridge demolition in Madison County.
County Council Unanimously Passes Resolution to Speed Up Coldwater Creek CleanupThe council unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday night calling for more money for the Army Corps of Engineers to ramp up the effort.
Some Want Clarification on EPA's Call That Bridgeton Athletic Complex Safe for UseThe EPA says its soil samples show it's safe to play on the ballfields at Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex in Bridgeton. The facility is located about a mile from the West Lake Landfill where nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project was dumped.
Floods Threaten Upper Mississippi RiverbanksThe call continues to go out for volunteers to help with sandbag work in Louisiana, Missouri.
Army Corps to Moms Group: No Data on Radiation Testing of Haul RoadsThe Army Corps of Engineers has told Just Moms STL that it can't find any data to prove EPA claims that past testing of the haul roads around the landfill showed no radiation problem.
EPA Responds over West Lake Landfill ConcernsEPA Regional Administrator Karl Brooks today sent a letter to Missouri Attorney General Kris Koster regarding the West Lake Landfill.
Bridgeton City Council Wants EPA to Step AsideThe Bridgeton City Council wants control of the radioactive West Lake Landfill transferred from the EPA to the Army Corps of Engineers.
McCaskill Pushes Jobs Bill for VetsAlso confirms talks underway on burning Bridgeton landfill
Mo. Congressional Delegation Sends Letter to EPA over West Lake LandfillThe EPA is being asked to contract directly with the Army Corps of Engineers to handle any and all remediation needed at the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton.
Corps Continues Rock Removal in Mississippi RiverDespite the recent snowmelt the Mississippi River remains at a level that's allowing the Army Corps of Engineers to remove rock pinnacles that halted barge traffic last year.
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