C-Speak Podcast: Cynthia Prost & Felicia ShawProst and Shaw talk about their organizations, how they benefit the community and how they help each other.
Blockchain: Beyond BitcoinBlockchain is the technology underlying Bitcoin, the digital currency that sidesteps banks to send money around the world.
C-Speak Podcast: Leonard Toenjes, President of AGC of MissouriToenjes discusses the role construction plays in furthering regional economic development.
Trending Topics: Is Your Business Ready for Robotic Process Automation?Companies are beginning to use robotic process automation (RPA) to perform routine business tasks and eliminate inefficiencies.
Trending Topics: The Internet of Things - Realizing the Business ValueThe world is becoming a more connected place, thanks to the internet of things, a network that links devices and people through internet protocol connectivity, often without human intervention.
C-Speak Podcast: Francis Slay, Former Mayor of St. LouisSlay talks about the issue of city-county unification and why it's so important to him.
Are Global Companies at Risk?Geopolitical turbulence, Brexit and the Trump administration's nationalist platform seem to signal the breakup of globalism. However, even before Donald Trump and Theresa May introduced their geo-economic agendas, industry analysts have been weighing in on global occurrences and the 2002 and 2008 recessions. Based on assessments of past and recent events, some are issuing dire predictions of an imminent global market collapse. As global leaders wrangle at political summits, global companies continue to chart new markets for their brands while monitoring the geopolitical and economic pulse of the countries where they do business.
Newest C-Suite Positions Coming to a Business Near YouThe business landscape grows and evolves with society, and as customers move forward, so too must a business. As new trends and risks emerge in the market, many companies have developed new executive level positions to help manage these aspects of business.
Crowdfunding – Is It A Viable Revenue Source?Crowdfunding, the relatively fresh practice of funding a certain project or a new venture by raising money through contributions, has grown into a hot commodity in 2017.
Have You Been Bullwhipped?If you're a supply chain business owner, you need to be aware of this effect that can risk your business operations.
C-Speak Podcast: Glenn Davis, HeplerBroom Cyber GroupIn this edition of the C-Speak Podcast, Mark Reardon talks with Glenn Davis, Lead Partner at HeplerBroom Cyber Group.
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