Capitol Perspectives

CAPITOL PERSPECTIVES: Sexting & FilibustersKMOX bureau chief Phill Brooks looks at the legislative session that was
Capitol Perspectives: Missouri's I-70 DemocratsGeography no longer more important than party label in understanding the voting patterns of state lawmakers.
Capitol Perspectives: The Risk Politicians TakeThe New York Times story highlighting Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster in an investigative report on special interest money reminds me of another Missouri attorney general who paid a steep price after news stories involving financial behavior - Bill Webster.
Capitol Perspectives: Political TransformationsDuring my professional career, I have experienced two major political transformations that fundamentally changed our society. Recent developments in Missouri make me wonder if we're experiencing a similar transformation today involving gay rights -- or, at least, gay marriages in Missouri.
Capitol Perspectives: Dead-on-Arrival BillsAs legislators prepare to take off for their spring break, a large number of bills are filed so late in the session that there's no real hope for passage.
Capitol Perspectives: A Possible Rain Making SessionMissouri's legislative session has begun on a note of partisan politics that suggests political campaigns will be a dominate undercurrent for the election-year session.
Capitol Perspectives: The Meaning of an EggIt started as a simple, although seemingly humorous bill in the Senate to expand the legal definition of an egg.
Capitol Perspectives: A Week can be an Eternity in Missouri's Legislature"We're not even at the half in the legislative session...we've got plenty of time," Nixon responded, using one of his frequent sports analogies.
Capitol Perspectives: Budget WarsBefore term limits, the budget was at the center of some of the greatest and most entertaining legislative battles that I have seen.
Capitol Perspectives: Unintended ConsequencesDuring the past few weeks I've been wondering whether the "Law of Unintended Consequences" will become a defining signature for the 2013 session.
Capitol Perspectives: Joke BillsThere's a long tradition of filing bills for symbolic purposes or to make a statement.
Capitol Perspectives: Rural Dominance in Mo. Legislature"Simple words and country stories belie a depth of political skills, sophistication and determination that can catch the metro politicians off guard."

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