Catholic Charities

16-Year-Old Shares Immigration Story With Group Discussing Border CrisisHannah Sullivan of Catholic Charities, explained the process at a gathering of a couple hundred St. Louisans who want to help the children.
Archdiocese Sues Over Health Care MandateCatholic Charities and the Archdiocese of St. Louis are filing suit against President Obama and the Health care mandate because of the provision regarding contraception coverage.
City Knocks Down Dignity Harbor Homeless CampSome of the riverfront homeless sent to St. Louis County motel
Catholic Charities Seeks Stay Of Adoption Ruling
Illinois Foster-Care Dispute A Matter Of Law, Faith"We prayed about it, talked about it. Sometimes you have to take a stand, and sometimes (it's) hard,'' said Mark Zartman, 51.
Illinois Catholic Charities Balks At Civil UnionsThe state is trying to cancel contracts totaling more than $30 million with the group Catholic Charities because it's refusing to recognize Illinois' new civil unions law.
Is City Losing its Ten-Year Battle Against Homelessness?Modest results reported in lowering number of homeless, despite millions spent.
Illinois Catholic Charities Out $30-MillionJulie Neposchlan, spokeswoman for the Catholic Charities diocese of Springfield, reading from a prepared statement, says she’s unsure what the next step will be for her organization.
Organization Asks to Join Foster-Care SuitThe organization wants to sue Illinois over gay couple foster-care issue.
Ill. Charity Fights Civil Union AdoptionsCatholic Charities would not comply with the civil union acts, and therefore will lose state funding.
Battle Over Gay Adoptions Erupts in Illinois LegislatureOpponents say the legislation is an effort to undermine the state's new civil union law.
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