CBS Dottie Lynch


TIAM: Mitt Picks Up 2, Master Sergeant Lacaillade Goes To Washington & Getting Your Dream Job

Mitt gets 2 wins he really needed. Going to dinner with President Obama. Get out of college and get the job you want.


Arch Looking East

TIAM: State Of The Union Address, You Might Go To Spring Training, Getting Kids To Eat Healthy School Food

The State Of The Union. Want to work for KMOX at spring training? Getting kids to eat healthier food at school.


Arch Looking East

TIAM: The Iowa Caucus Is Coming, Baby Names & Low Air Fares

CBS’ Dottie Lynch on the Iowa Caucus. Baby names. Airfare fine print.


Miami v Virginia

TIAM: Haith In Trouble? Back To School Early & President Obama In The Crowd

Coach Haith may be feeling some NCAA heat. Why do schools start so early? President Obama answering questions from the crowd.


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