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TIAM: Jill On Money Along With David Patraeus & His Resignation

What’s next for David Patraeus?


KMOX Satellite

TIAM: Concerned About The Markets? Relax!

Breath deeply into the paper bag.


Studio B Mic.

TIAM: Jill On Money & Paul On Politics

From money to politics we covered it all today.


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TIAM: Which Barack Obama Will Show Up Tuesday Night? Whither Way The Markets?

The Tuesday debate and where will the markets go this week?


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TIAM: Has QE-3 Started Yet?

Jill had the answers for us today.


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TIAM: Monday Business News, The RNC Is Ready & Saving Your Daughter’s Life

You learn something every time we talk with Jill Schlesinger. Tampa is ready. How to protect your daughter.


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TIAM: Wall Street Is On The Rise, Todd Akin, Tech Tips For School & Lyda Krewson

Are we crawling out of the economic hole? Politics with Paul Brandus. Back-to-school tech. items. Lyda Krewson on the recent Central West End shooting.


Facing West

TIAM: Jill’s Back, Mr. Romney Has His Man And Heads To Florida & Driverless Cars

Jill takes care of business. His name is Paul Ryan. Technology is on a roll in your car of the future.


TIAM: Housing A Fiscal Bright Spot, Race To White House Gets Uglier, Climate Change & Prostitution

Guess what’s getting hotter in the economy. Ugly race for president. Ugly weather this year as well. Prostitution at the age of 12.


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TIAM: Blame Europe! Tax Cuts?

The economy is dominating our conversations today. Why would St. Louisan Tim Burke run across Death Valley?





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