Cell Phones

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City Leaders Propose Cell Phone Ordinance

People wanting to resell mobile phones in St. Louis would face tough new restrictions under a newly proposed ordinance.


Megan Boken, photo courtesy of St. Louis U. Athletics

Murder of Billiken Athlete Leads to Alderman’s Call for Restrictions on Cell Phone Sales

The proposal comes after Megan Boken was shot to death for her IPhone.



Overnight America: Jennifer LeClaire, Dave White, Dan Walsh, Joe Distio

Jennifer LeClaire talks to us about the latest in technology.  She gives us info on what happened at Apple’s big announcement and what we can expect in the mobile technology world. Dave White from movies.com […]


No Call List

Cell Phones Will Be Added to No-Call List

No more spam text messages or calls for those who put their cell phone numbers on the state’s No-Call List.


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Mo. No Call List for Cell Phones

The measure would prohibit most solicitations by phone call or text message to cellphones.


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“No Call List” for Missouri Cell Phones

The House has given first-round approval to a bill permitting the addition of cellphones to the list.



Cell Phone Photos Could Lead Predators to Your Door

And it doesn’t take a computer whiz to find it and take advantage of it.


Cell Phone Driving 2, Getty Images

Bill Encourages Cell Phone Tracking

The bill’s requirements could be used either to help find a 911 caller who is using a cellphone, or to ping the phone’s location when there is the danger of death or serious physical injury.


Cell phone Driving, Getty Images 1, Martial Colomb

Coming Up: Hands Free Only in Illinois

If the bill passes and you use a cell phone while driving in Illinois it had better be hands-free behind the wheel.


Cell Phone Safety

Possible Changes to Cell Phone Use in Ill. Construction Zones

A measure to re-define work zones as they relate to phone use is in an Illinois Senate committee.




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