Christ Church

Members of Sons of Thunder Biker Church celebrate their 2nd anniversary at Buffalo Park in Maryville, IL  (Megan Lynch/KMOX Radio)

Sunday Riders: Biker Church Celebrates 2 Years

The biker church has expanded from the VFW in Fairview Heights to a second monthly service in Maryville, Ill.



Best Places In America To Celebrate The 4th Of July

In celebration of Independence Day, several cities across the nation are hosting fun-filled activities by day and then concluding with spectacular pyrotechnic shows that can be viewed from miles away. Here are five of the best places in America to celebrate the Fourth of July


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Best Historic Vacations In The US

The early colonial settlements along the Eastern seaboard, including Boston, Charleston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, are among the best places for an historic vacation in the US.


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