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Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s Tweets Draw Ire of Judges

The judges are concerned that such statements could taint a jury, harming the defendant’s right to a fair trial.



Cemetery Search Part of Cold Case Investigation

The headless remains of the girl were dug up Monday from a cemetery in the St. Louis County town of Berkeley, found in a white body bag.


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Suspect Arrested In Mo. For Decades Old Nebraska Homicide

A suspect in the 1989 murder of a Nebraska woman is jailed after being arrested in Missouri.


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Records Destroyed in 50-year-old Murder Case

Military records that suspect says would exonerate him were destroyed in 1973 fire.


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FBI Seeks Public’s Help on St. Charles Co. Cold Case

The body of 41-year-old Ricky McCormick was found on June 30, 1999, near a cornfield off of Highway 367.


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St. Louis Police Seek Help To Solve Cold Cases

Investigators are turning to the public for help to solve a pair of criminal cases that have “gone cold”.


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