Cold Weather

Cubby the kitten is now available for adoption after recovering from injuries sustained after seeking warmth from a car engine. (Photo courtesy of the St. Louis Department of Health)

Kitten Recovers from Injury after Seeking Warmth in Car Engine

See photos of the kitten – now named Cubby. Also find tips on how to prevent similar injuries to outdoor felines.


Person shoveling snow

Snow Possible Across 2,000-Mile Stretch Of US

In addition to some snow and heavy rain, bitterly cold temperatures have begun moving into parts of the U.S. and will be staying put for at least part of this week.


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St. Louis Opens Homeless Shelter as Weather Hits Lows

A relatively warm December is coming to an end, and the weather is taking a turn for the cold. As a result, St. Louis officials are opening the city’s emergency shelter for the homeless.


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Two Air-Lifted to Hospital After Jefferson County House Fire

Two people were air-lifted to the hospital after a fire leveled their Jefferson County home this morning.


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Beware Of Cold Weather Car Thefts

Two vehicles were reported stolen from driveways, Friday, in Richmond Heights



STL Cold Weather Overflow Shelter Reopens

Human services director has some numbers on what it takes to care for people brought in from winter’s wrath.


Evan Harter had all his toes amputated after he walked home during extremely frigid temperatures. (Getty Images)

Kansas Man Who Lost Toes From Frostbite Has Lesson for Others

22-year-old Evan Harter lost his toes after walking for an hour in frigid weather.


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Extreme Cold Causes Overcrowding at Stray Rescue

Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim says the shelter is extremely full, and space is needed in order to help and treat dogs coming in.


Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty

Tips: How Cold Affects Your Smartphone?

The cold weather may make it a little more difficult for us to get up and going, but what is it doing to our most relied on devices?


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Windy City Flight Troubles

Extreme cold grounding hundreds of O’Hare & Midway airport planes.



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