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Illinois Senate Overrides Gov. Quinn’s Veto on Energy Bill

The concern on the governor’s part was what he called “unprecedented interference” in the Illinois Commerce Commission’s rate-making authority.


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Many In Illinois To Vote On Electricity Aggregation Tomorrow

Doug Scott, chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission, says the alternative suppliers are, for now, cheaper than Ameren and Com Ed.


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More Illinois Residents Avoiding Ameren, Com Ed

In March of 2011, the Illinois Commerce Commission recorded 2,034 residential accounts that switched from Com Ed or Ameren.


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Warning: Mylar Balloons May Cause Power Outages

Metallic properties in balloons can cause electrical surges.


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Watchdog Groups Warn Lawmakers of Downfall in Smart Grid Override

The bill in question provides for an upgrade of the electricity delivery system, but consumer groups say it also makes it much easier for Ameren and Com Ed to raise rates.



Ill. Electric Rate Fight Not Over

Ameren spokesman Leigh Morris says the utility company remains hopeful that lawmakers in Springfield will take up the legislation this fall and override the governor’s veto.


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Lebanon Ill. Senator Says Fellow Lawmaker Punched Him

Lebanon, Ill. Senator says, “I can take a punch.”


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