UPDATE: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Hobby LobbyThe case weighs the religious rights of employers and the right of women to the birth control of their choice.
Local Patrons React to Hobby Lobby CaseLocal patrons of Hobby Lobby are weighing in on the Supreme Court over whether the company has a right to deny its employees contraceptive health care coverage.
Wedge Issues Dominate 2012 Mo. Leg Session Wedge issues are deliberately divisive measures to identify for voters a clear difference between the two political parties.
Missouri GOP Opposition to President's Contraceptive Policy"There is no dilemma more significant in life and more distressing and disturbing than to be compelled to participate or engage in something that one believes is morally wrong."
McCaskill Weighs In On Contraceptive DebateSays there should be "no barriers to birth control".

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