Corn crop

Mature corn (Zea mays) in Illinois fields stretch to the horizon on both sides of a rural, dirt road. Illinois is the country's second largest grower of corn, trailing only Iowa in total production. (Getty Images Bruce Leighty)

Propane Price for Upcoming Winter So Far, So Good

The corn crop could leave you paying more to heat your home this winter, but the key word is “could.”


Illinois Drought 1, Getty Images

Farmers Harvest What’s Left

USDA crop statistician Brad Schwab says the damage to the corn was done weeks ago, and even now soybeans probably won’t benefit from rain.


File photo (KMOX/Bill Reker)

Illinois to Provide Help to Drought Stricken Farmers

It’s the sixth driest year on record in Illinois and much of the state’s corn and soybean crop is suffering.


Drought 1, Getty Images,

Farmers Ready To Hear Governor’s Drought Plan

Almost a third of the nation’s corn crop has been damaged by heat and drought.


Photo: Getty/Willard Clay

Illinois Farmers Past The Point of No Return

Central Illinois crop insurance agent Rustin Godfrey says he’s been on the phone almost constantly with clients.


File photo (KMOX/Bill Reker)

Illinois Farmers Watching the Sky for Rain

Much of the corn crop could be past the point of no return, says Mark Schleusener with the USDA..


File photo of a corn field. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Report: Kansas Corn Crop Deteriorating Amid Heat

The latest government report is painting a deteriorating portrait of the Kansas corn crop.


Lack of Rain Impacting Crops

Despite the lack of rain, Southern Illinois’ corn is the tallest in the state.


Photo: Getty/Tim Boyle

Corn Crop Flat, Food Prices Remain High

Higher corn prices have pushed overall food inflation up this year. Corn is an ingredient in everything from animal feed to cereal to soft drinks.


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