More Details on Redevelopment Expected at Crestwood Mall Open HouseUrbanStreet Group is putting together a mixed-use plan, with retail, restaurants, a movie theater, apartment buildings and parks.
TIF Commission Established in Crestwood Mall ProjectFormer Mayor Jeff Schlink called it a premature move.
School Officials, Residents Show Opposition to TIF-Financed Crestwood Mall Redevelopment"You're wanting TIF money from us right now, based on an evolving plan? Would you sign a black mortgage? Because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't."
Crestwood Mall Redevelopment Plans ReleasedResident Paula Balew says plans have been kept secret, and residents are concerned.
Five County Pools Closed for Bacteria; Is Yours One of Them?County health department says all swimmers should take a shower immediately before entering a public pool
Crestwood Council Votes to Change Mall DevelopersThe city was working with Centrum and Mayor Jeff Schlink says the council's decision makes things a little "tricky" because Centrum is a partial owner of the mall property.
Crestwood Mayor: Mall Redevelopment Plan Is Dead"Centrum told me that if they were not on the agenda this evening, and they're not, that they were done," Crestwood Mayor Jeff Schlink told the crowd.
Crestwood Requiring Thorough Cleanup of Meth LabsCrestwood recently passed a law requiring the owner of any structure that housed a meth lab to thoroughly clean it before it can be sold or rented.
Crestwood Aldermen Reject TIF For Mall DevelopmentAldermen felt uncomfortable approving millions in aid without the developer having a single tenant signed.
Redevelopment Planned at 2 St. Louis-Area MallsDevelopers have a $120 million plan to revitalize Northwest Plaza, which fell into foreclosure and is now nearly vacant.
Crestwood Residents Evacuated After Meth Lab FindPolice say the suspect was arrested after tring to run over officers.
Close Call for Sweeper Truck Driver If the trees were not there to stop the vehicle, the truck would have gone off a cliff and landed 20 to 30 feet below onto the west bound lanes of I-44.

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