David Rose

Fiscal Cliff

Mark Reardon: UMSL Economist David Rose & KMOX Host Dave Simons

What do we need to know to prepare for the fiscal cliff? If we go over, how might it affect us?


The Mark Reardon Show: Santorum Wins Missouri, Missouri House Dispute, Prop 8 Ruling, “The Moral Foundation of Economic Behavior”

Josh Kraushaar, executive editor of the Hotline at the National Journal, tells us what Santorum’s wins in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado last night will mean for the GOP race. Debra Saunders, columnist for the San […]


dolla dollas

The Mark Reardon Show – Economic Roundtable, Energy and Debt, MSD Taking Action

An Economic Roundtable Saint Louis University Economist Jack Strauss and University of Missouri-Saint Louis Economist David Rose join Mark for an economic roundtable. Congressman on Energy and Debt Illinois Congressman John Shimkus joins Mark to […]



The Mark Reardon Show – Wednesday, June 8th

Where Are the Jobs? David Rose is a professor of economics at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and he joins Mark to discuss the current state of the economy and why exactly the jobs numbers […]


KMOX/Kevin Killeen

Mark Reardon Show – Tuesday, February 22nd

Mark talks to Phil Brooks about Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s travel expenses, and we hear from Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, Yuvel Levin – a fellow at the Ehtics and Public Policy Center in Washington, and David Rose – an economist at UMSL.


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