Department of Mental Health

Mo Capitol

Missouri Lawmakers Asserting More Control Over Budget

A billion-dollar bump to the budget may seem to contradict the hullabaloo about the state’s tight finances.


Missouri Department of Mental Health

Lawmakers Push for Mainstreaming the Disabled

The bill would require the Department of Mental Health to develop a plan to move intellectually disabled persons out of state-funded facilities and into community based living.


Jefferson City, MO

MO Doctors Getting Paid To Sleep

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) __ As a doctor at one of Missouri’s psychiatric institutions, Hungi Sripal has been paid thousands of dollars while sleeping on the job. His round-the-clock wages helped make Sripal the state’s […]


Director sees developments as good news.

Jobs Saved at Fulton State Hospital

The closing of a mental health unit in Marshal might be good news for employees of the Fulton State Hospital.


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