Photo: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

Man Gets 65 Years Prison in Dismemberment Killing

Patrick Chase of Alton was sentenced to 45 years on a first-degree murder charge and 20 years on a charge of dismembering a human body.


Photo: Getty/David Gould

Woman, 24, Convicted in Dismemberment of Husband

A jury has convicted a 24-year-old central Illinois woman of murder for the dismemberment of her husband.


Mo. Suspect Waives Preliminary Hearing in Dismemberment

Prosecutors say Paul Potter stabbed 74-year-old Willis Edward Meredith, dismembered his body and set fires to conceal the crime.


Neighbors Recall ‘Horror Movie’ Like Murder Scene Outside Suspect’s Home

A Missouri man is accused of killing a man, dismembering the body and tossing the victim’s arms at bystanders.



Man Pleads Guilty to Murder, Dismemberment

Prosecutors say Joshua Tharp, 27, left the woman’s remains behind a shopping center in East Alton.


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