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Badly Burned Dog Dies

A dog that was found badly burned and chained to a north St. Louis gate has died.



St. Louis Officer Hit by Ricocheting Bullet

Police say the officers were investigating a theft in the 3700 block of Keokuk Street in south St. Louis when they were approached by an aggressive dog.


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Family Adopts a Puppy Trapped in Car for Weeks

A puppy that survived after apparently being trapped inside a car at a Kansas City tow lot for several weeks has a new home.


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Bridgeton Woman Charged With Animal Abuse

A Bridgeton woman was recently charged with animal abuse after dragging her dog along I-70 on May 22.


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Dangerous Dogs On The Loose In North St. Louis County

Dangerous Dogs On The Loose In North St. Louis County


File photo of a macaque monkey. (credit: Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images)

Police: Woman’s Monkey Bites 6-Year-Old Boy For Trying To Pet Dog

A southwestern Illinois woman’s dog and monkey apparently are fast friends, so much so that the primate takes umbrage to anyone getting too close to the pooch, authorities say.


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Top St. Louis Rescue Shelters To Find The Perfect Family Dog

Here are the top rescue shelters to find the perfect family dog.


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Dog Survives Nearly A Month In Impounded Car

A Kansas City animal shelter is caring for a puppy that authorities say survived in a locked car that was impounded for nearly a month in a city lot.


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Illinois Senate Advances ‘Puppy Lemon’ Law

Consumers who buy a new dog or cat only to find out it has a serious disease would have a new form of recourse under an Senate proposal.


Benetta Johnson of East St. Louis

East St. Louis Woman Charged in Puppy Dragged Down Interstate Case

41-year-old Benetta Johnson of East St. Louis is charged with misdemeanor animal abuse.




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