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Schlafly Slams Rove Over Akin Joke

Eagle Forum founder says Republican strategist should resign, not Senate candidate.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, July 31st

Charlie talks with Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly about her new book, “No Higher Power” ; and with UMSL Prof. Marty Professor about single parenting and widening income gaps.


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Schlafly Endorses Akin for Senate

Schlafly said “Todd Akin’s leadership, respect for our Constitution, and common sense are exactly what we need.”



Charlie Brennan – Friday, March 18th

Charlie talks with Phyllis Schlafly, author of the new book, “The Flip Side of Feminism”, and with Adam Johnson, markets reporter for Bloomberg Television, about the effect of the Japan earthquake and nuclear crisis on the global stock market.


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