Extreme Cold

Evan Harter had all his toes amputated after he walked home during extremely frigid temperatures. (Getty Images)

Kansas Man Who Lost Toes From Frostbite Has Lesson for Others

22-year-old Evan Harter lost his toes after walking for an hour in frigid weather.


Photo of Bridgeton Landfill Aug. 19, 2013 showing black liner material to be covered. (Photo: dnr.mo.gov/bridgeton/)

Extreme Cold Causes More Odor Problems at Landfill

The odor problem that has plagued the Bridgeton Landfill in St. Louis County for several months is back, and this time the extreme cold weather from earlier this week is part of the problem.


(Credit: Thinkstock)

St. Louis Officials See Uptick in Cardiac Ambulance Calls

The cardiovascular risk in these arctic-like temperatures extends well beyond the avoid shoveling rule, and the risks are especially high for those with known heart disease.


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