800-Year-Old Magna Carta Basis of Missouri LawsuitHistory lives on - 800 years ago today, King John of England signed Magna Carta, putting the law above the king, and also promising something else that is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit in Missouri.
Verizon Wireless, Sprint Settle Allegations of Bogus ChargesIllinois consumers who believe third-party vendors charged their cellphone bills phony fees can submit restitution claims after a $158 million settlement with Verizon Wireless and Sprint.
St. Louis County to Decrease Traffic Ticket FinesA major reform was announced for St. Louis County municipal courts regarding the way motorists will be treated who receive tickets.
Study Calls for Reform in St. Louis Area Speed-Trap TownsMunicipal traffic courts across the city and county are taking in $65 million a year, and Dave Liepholtz with Better Together says for many, it's getting old.
Nixon Vetoes Bill Raising Motorists FeesThe legislation (SB51) would have increased the fees for obtaining and renewing driver's licenses and registering vehicles.
Missouri Considers Phasing Out Fees for Animal SheltersShelters lost an exemption from fees under a law approved in 2010.
Durbin Calls For Easy-To-Understand Bank Fees DisclosureWants them to post one-page summaries on their websites
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