Ferguson MO


Charlie Brennan – Thursday, September 4- SLU Law Prof. John Ammann on Amnesty for Non-Violent Offenders in Ferguson; Peter Bronson; Ron Himes

Charlie and Debbie talk with SLU Law Prof. John Ammann about amnesty for non-violent ordinance offenders in Ferguson MO; Charlie talks with Cincy Magazine Contributing Editor Peter Bronson about his WSJ article, “Lessons for Ferguson from Cincinnati’s 2001 Riots”; and with The Black Rep’s Ron Himes about the seasoner opener and the upcoming season.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, August 18 – Brown Family News Conference on Independent Autopsy of Michael Brown

KMOX airs the Michael Brown Family News Conference on the results of an independent autopsy on Michael Brown and gun shot wounds.


Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Local Students Heading for Space

Students at Challenger Learning Center-St Louis will join students in 10 other classrooms across the U-S today in 2 live simulated space missions. One is at 10 this morning–the other at 1 this afternoon.



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