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Illinois Now Accepting FOID Applications Online

Something that could only be done through snail mail until now.


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Ill. Gov. Quinn Expected To Sign Concealed Carry Law Today

A spokesperson for Quinn’s office will only say that he will “act in the interest of public safety” but the bill’s sponsor is concerned.


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Randolph County State’s Attorney Will Allow Concealed Carry

The decisions by some legal officials in Illinois come in the wake of a U.S. Court of Appeals decision that requires Illinois lawmakers to create concealed-carry legislation awaiting Gov. Quinn’s signature.


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Illinois FOID Card Under Fire

The firearm owners’ identification card is what McCann calls a compromise from a previous General Assembly. He also calls it redundant and unconstitutional.


Judge Rules in Favor of Gun Owners in FOID Case

The ruling bars the state police from releasing the names of 1.3 million gun owners.


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Update: Gov. Quinn Agrees Gun Information Should be Private

He says he will review the legislation and “act accordingly.”



Illinois’ Concealed Carry Bill Making Progress

In early April he said he was three to four votes shy of the necessary 71 votes. Not much has changed since then.



House Passes Legislation Banning Release of Gun Permit Info

The House approved the bill 98-12 Friday. It now heads to the Senate.


Illinois’ Amish Concerned Over New Gun Law

Illinois Amish have been allowed to forego placing their photographs on FOID cards and other mandatory IDs. Illinois State Police Director Jonathon Monken decided that policy should be changed.


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