Gary Wiegert

Photo: AFP/Getty/Juan Mabromata

Show-Me Cannabis Gearing Up for Nov. 2016 Election

Show-Me Cannabis will soon launch a major effort to collect at least 160,000 signatures statewide to place the legalization of pot on the November 2016 ballot.



‘Show-Me Cannabis’ Speaking in Cape Girardeau Tonight

St. Louis Police Sgt. Gary Wiegert, a Tea Party activist and lobbyist for the Show-Me Cannabis group, will be a featured speaker.


Photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt

St. Louis Officer Says SLPD Violated His Free Speech Rights

A St. Louis police sergeant has filed legal action against the department, claiming its refusal to allow him to work a secondary job as a lobbyist for a pro-marijuana group violates his right to free speech.



Police Sgt. to Take City to Court

Sgt. Gary Wiegert wants an injunction against the department’s gag order


St. Louis Cop Lobbying for Lessen Pot Penalties

Calling it a “waste of time and resources,” a St. Louis police officer signs up to lobby state lawmakers to reduce penalties for marijuana possession.


Sam Dotson, St. Louis Police Chief

Concerns Over Pension, Lack of Street Experience Surround New Police Chief

A longtime critic of local control of the St. Louis Police Department is raising critical questions about the selection of the new Chief, Sam Dotson.


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